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Version FranšaiseIntroduction

My interest in genealogy started when I collaborated in a compilation of the descendants of Onesime Baril (1856-1910), my mother's grandfather. The work was carried out by Michel Laliberté (married to Johanne Baril) from Montreal.

Having recently acquired an new program (Family Origins ) to keep track of my immediate family, I immediately started to enter the data from Michel's book. I also asked Michel to trace my family (L'Heureux), which he did, adding about 50 entries into my database. It also provided me with my direct lineage to Simon Lereau dit L'Heureux (1626-1670), my first ancestor in La Nouvelle France. My next step was to create this genealogy web page - and the rest is history.  I have kept several comments from readers which you are welcome to view.

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Ancestors, Database and Cousins

Work in Progress 

  • LHEUREUX Genealogy: 
    • Most individuals named L'Heureux in Canada and in the United States are descendants of Simon Lereau (Suzanne Jaroussel), born on 10 Oct 1624 in St-Martin-d'Igé, Perche, France. He emigrated to the Nouvelle France around 1652. Simon is my eight-grand-grandfather.
  • BARIL Genealogy: 
    • Via my mother Simone Baril, my ancestor from this branch is Jean Baril (Marie Guillet). He was born around 1646-1649, most likely in Saintonge, France.
  • DUMONT Genealogy: 
    • Via my paternal grandmother, Antoinette Dumont, my ancestor from this branch is Jean Dumont (Marguerite Morin), one of three known ancestors of the Dumont in America. He was born in Cognac, Poitou, France and immigrated to Québec around 1650
  • SAUVAGEAU Genealogy: 
    • Via my maternal grandmother Marie-Louise Sauvageau, my ancestor from this branch is Claude Sauvageau (Madeleine Ouvray) He was born in 1646 in Marcay, Chinon, Touraine, France.
  • ST-ARNAUD Genealogy: 
    • While working on the L'Heureux surname, I have also collected information on this surname, first because it was the last name of my first wife (Raymonde St-Arnault) and the mother of my children and more recently because I found out that my great grandmother was Brigitte St-Arnault, a direct descendant of Paul Bertrand dit Saint-Arnaud (Gabrielle Baribeau), the ancestor of most of the St-Arnaud in America. He was born on 27 Nov 1661 in Verneuil-sur-Havre, Normandie, France.
  • LAFONTAINE Genealogy: 
    • My ancestor from this branch is Jean Lariou dit Lafontaine (Catherine Mongeau) from St-Pierre, Marmande, France. He was born about 1640 in Marmande, Aquitaine, France.
  • TROTTIER Genealogy: 
    • My ancestor from this branch is Jules Trottier (Catherine Loiseau), He was born around 1591 in St-Martin-d'Igé, Perche, France.
  • BARIBEAU Genealogy: 
    • My ancestor from this branch is François Baribeau (Perrine Moreau). He was born about 1636. I have connections via three of his children, Jean, Catherine and Gabrielle.
  • HAMELIN Genealogy:
    • My Hamelin ancestors are Francois Hamelin-Laganière (Madeleine Aubert) and Louis Hamelin (Antoinette Aubert) born in in the 1650s in St-Mathurin, Vendée, Pays de la Loire, France. They were the sons of Nicholas Hamelin and Jeanne Levasseur
  • CARRIER Genealogy: 
    • My ancestor from this branch is Jean Carrier (Barbe Halay). He was born in 1639 in Saintonge, Charente-Maritime, France.
  • MASSICOTTE Genealogy: 
    • My ancestor from this branch is Jacques Massicot (Marie-Catherine Baril). He was born about 1661 in St-Pierre-de-Brie, Saintonge, France. I have connections via three of his children, Jean-Baptiste, Jacques and Catherine.
  • THIFFAULT Genealogy: 
    • My ancestor from this branch is Jacques Thiffault (Marie-Anne L'Ecuyer). He was born in 1662 in Langon, Gironde, Guyenne, France. I have connections via five of his six children
  • My Acadian Roots: 
  • Other Surnames: 
    • I also have an interest in the surnames
      • MUELLER and MERLE, Danube-Swabians who moved from Glogowatz, Hungary to Chicago in 1911. Franz Müller and Sofia Merle were my wife's parents. Glogowatz is in the Banat, one of six regions in Hungary where Danube-Swabians lived.
      • HOHLFELDER (Germans who moved to Skokie IL) - my daughter has two sons with her first husband Edwin Hohlfelder.
      • MARSICEK from Checkoslovakia. My wife first husband was Anthony Marsicek.
    • If you have information on these surnames that is not contained in the database, please communicate with me so that we can exchange information. To check the other surnames in our database, go to the Surname List of my Ancestors 
    • Other surnames to come: MASSICOTTE, THIFFAULT, CARRIER, HAMELIN

Other Genealogy Links 

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