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Jacques L'Heureux, Webmaster
Warson Woods (St. Louis), MO
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If you choose to email me, on the subject line of your message, clearly state the purpose of your message and do not make it look like SPAM with messages like "Need your help". Be more specific.

I get many messages each day and may not get to reply to you for some time. So be very specific and identify the web page (give me the URL) where you need help or would like to alert me to errors, broken links or needed updates. You can also put that URL on the subject line to help me.

About genealogy

Note that I am not a genealogist and will not be able to help you find your ancestors. If the data that you are looking for is not on the web page you are looking at, it means that I do not have it (like the parents of a person).

But if you have data that you would like to see included in our genealogy databases, go ahead and sent it to me and make sure that you identify which database (surname) you are talking about. Data in text format will only be accepted for small changes. Large additions of data should be sent in the gedcom format. If you want to hire someone to do your genealogy, check my French Canadian Genealogy research page.

Several of the databases that I publish are maintained by other cousins. Here is how to reach them.

Database Master
Email address
Ronald (Ron) J. Baril Sr.
Roger (Bucky) Fontaine
Robert Nordin
No current address
Robert L'Heureux

Claude St-Arnaud and
Yolande St-Arneault


Other websites I manage

I created and manage several other websites via my online business HappyWebCreations.

Warson Woods (St. Louis), MO
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http://www.happyOnes.com/ - Family website

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