The Master Database of Robert L'Heureux is on the site
Planète Généalogie

The site is in French
but non-French-speaking visitors
may be able to get by if they follow these instructions

Go to the above link and select from the menu
GÉNÉALOGIE >> BASES DE NOS PARTENAIRES >> Recherches pour : Standard

In the list, select the database of
L'Heureux, Robert (right before the one of Labadie, Raymond)

Click on Index des patronymes to select the person you are looking for
Then pick the first letter of the surname of that person

Hint: Start searching using a rare surname
like the name of a spouse as it will be less common and easier to find

As a free user, you will be very limited s to what you can search.
Membership starts at about $4.95CAN + tax/month
The site at this time is only in French.

If you would like to help update the database,
send your information to Robert L'Heureux at

(Robert reads French and English)

Updated on 07-Aug-2015