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Dumont Ancestors

The Dumont in North America (see the US Distribution) have at least four separate origins. 

Poitou, FrancePoitou, France

Jean Dumont, (son of Jean Dumont and Anne Moneron) was born in Cognac, in the province of Poitou, France in 1662. Sometimes before 1689, he immigrated to the Nouvelle France and on 6 Jun 1689, he married Marguerite Morin (daughter of André Morin and Marguerite Moreau) in Charlesbourg, Québec. They had 13 children but only five survived.

I am a descendant of Pierre via my paternal grandmother, Antoinette Dumont. For more information about this branch, browse the page Our Ancestor Jean Dumont on this site and my web accessible database with over14,800 descendants. 

If you are working on this branch and would like to be the database master, please contact me.

Normandy, FranceNormandy (Geure), France

Jacques Guéret dit Dumont (son of René Guere and Madeleine le Vigoureaux) was born in Geure, Parish of Canchy in Normandy, in 1665. In 1691, he immigrated to Nouvelle France by way of La Rochelle. Three years later, on 19 Apr 1694, he married Marie-Anne Tardif (daughter of Jacques Tardif and Barbe d'Orange) in Beauport, Quebec. This branch moved from Beauport, to Rivière-du-Loup and then to Isle-Verte. They both died in Kamouraska. The land in Isle-Verte is still in the hands of the descendants (as of 1995). 

Other contacts:

  1. Larry B. Dumont - A descendant of Jacques who has a Guéret dit Dumont website dedicated to this branch. Larry's database of over 7,100 descendants.
  2. Danny Dumont - A descendant who maintains a Guéret-Dumont Web Page
  3. Bob Turcott - His 5th great grand mother Marie Anne Dumont-Gueret married Charles Francois Pelletier 14 may 1764 at St-Louis de Kamouraska

Normandy, FranceNormandy (Bayeux), France

Julien Dumont dit Lafleur was one of North America's pioneers. He arrived in New France on September 12, 1665 as part of the Regiment de Carignan, sent to counter the Iroquois threat. He belonged to Maximy Company. Most of the soldiers of the Maximy Company later returned to France. Julien stayed, and in 1667 he received a land grant from Monsignor de Laval, Master of Île d'Orléans. He established his home at St. Jean on Île d'Orléans in the upper village, where today the quay of St. Jean is situated. Julien received his nickname (dit name), Lafleur, as an army recruit, at the time of hazing. A soldier's nickname was the only name used officially while in the army. He was the son of Jacques Dumont & Marie Maubert, from France. Julien was born in 1648 in the Parish of Bernières-le-Patry, Diocese of Bayeux, Province of Normandie (District of Vire, Department of Calvados), France. On November 02, 1667 he married Catherine Topsan, a "Fille du Roi", in Quebec City. They had seven children on the Île d'Orléans. On October 19, 1694, 11 months after Catherine died, he married Marie Madeleine Tourneroche, presumably on Île d'Orléans. They went on to have 10 children over the next 20 years. Between 1702 and 1704, Julien & Marie Madeleine moved to La Durantaye, where they lived the rest of their days. Julien died on May 17, 1715.

Other Contacts:

  1. Brian Demoe, the 7th great grandson of Julien is working on this Dumont branch and maintained a website for the Dumont/Dumond/Demoe surname with over 3,900 names.
  2. Pauline Dumont talks about her connection to Julien Dumont in a 2002 newslettter by the Société de Genéalogie de Lévis. See page 9.

Flandre, FranceCoomen, Flanders

Wallerand Dumont (DuMond) was a Hugenot from Coomen, Flanders who fled France during the persecution.  He emigrated about 1657 from Amsterdam, Holland to New Amsterdam (New York). He was at that time a Cadet in a company of soldiers sent by the Dutch West India Company.  He settled at Kingston, New York and on 13 Jan 1664, married Margriet Hendricks, widow of Jan Arentsen.  Six children and a stepdaughter are named in his will which was proved 13 Sep 1713. The children were: Margaret, Walran, Jan Baptist, Jannetje, Francyntie, and Peter. The stepdaughter was named Annetje. Peter, the youngest son, was the one who went to NJ probably sometime shortly before 1700. 

The source for this is the "Somerset County (New Jersey) Historical Quarterly, Vol I, 1912, page 106, an article "Wallerand Dumont and His Somerset County Descendants" by John B. Dumont, Plainfield, NJ.  The article states that "Coomen, Flanders is now (1912) Commines, Department Nord, Pas-de-Calais, France, 8 miles north of Lille". 

Here are a few more sites dedicated to this branch.

  1. Lorraine Luke has done extensive work on Ulster County, New York where Wallerand Dumont settled and her database on WorldConnect (no longer accessible) includes over 1,000 if his descendants
  2. Barbara Higgins-Meyer (no current email address ) who supplied me in in 2002 with the above information, has send me her database of 169 descendants which I made web accessible on RootsWeb
  3. Julie Sandberg DuMond is working on a site which will contain several articles on the ancestor Wallerand Dumont. Stay tuned.
  4. For more recent information, see these Google results.

Dumont Reunions

The last Dumont reunion that I am aware of took place in Madawaska, Maine, during the Acadian Festival June 24-27, 1999. Read about it.

We are also aware of four previous Dumont reunions in 1987, 1994, 1995 and 1997. 

Are we related?

If you are a working on the DUMONT surnames, please join the DUMONT Mailing List so that we can share our information. 

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