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Our Ancestor François Baribeau

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Who is François Baribeau?

François Baribeau is one of the many ancestors of whom we now little or nothing concerning parental or regional origins. Some genealogists maintain that he must have come from Saintonge. According to Father Archange Godbout, this master cobbler, born about 1636, arrived in Canada around 1670 with his wife Perrine Moreau and his ten year old son Louis. The year 1670 is little more than an educated
guess, based on the supposition that the family crossed the Atlantic no later than 1669. In fact, on 18 January 1670, the notary Romain Becquet arranged a contract of service between Baribeau and the Jesuits. By this time, the family had settled in the area of Québec, probably at Charlesbourg, where their first daughter, Gabrielle, was born in early 1673. On 24 February of that same year, Francois turned in his resignation to Brother Joseph Bousier of the Society of Jesus.

Later on around 1974-1975, he turned over his belongings in the Québec region and moved to the Batiscan shore. On 15 January 1677, our ancestor acquired a property from Jean Lariou dit Lafontaine. It was mentioned in the census of 1681 as the land belonging "to François Baribeau, a 45 year old cobbler and to his wife Perrine Moreau, 46 years old," situated between that of François Frigon and Jean Lariou.

For more information, read the full text of an article on François Baribeau for which I am grateful to Deanna Ebertsch, a Baribeau cousin.

François Baribeau is my seventh great-grandfather via François, Jean, François-Antoine and Jean-Baptiste. My great great grandmother was Marie-Josephte Baribeau who married Narcisse St-Arnault in Batiscan, QC in 1860. More details on the first three generations as well as my direct connection are available.

His descendants? What if you are one?

François' descendants by now must number in the 500,000 (312 by my estimate). Of these, about 4,000 (212) are descendants with the last name of Baribeau (and variations). If you are aware of any master web site, articles or books written about our ancestor, please let me know so that we can share it with all our cousins. 

An important  line of descendants exists in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and in Northern Wisconsin. It is believed that the town of Baraboo WI (the circus town) is named for Baribeau although the way it really happened is still being debated. See the Saulk County website.

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Database of Descendants

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    • The LHEUREUX database maintained by my cousin Robert L'heureux contains about 3,500 descendants of François Baribeau (with spouses) since he is my ancestor via my great great-grandmother Marie-Josephte Baribeau
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  • Unconnected Baribeau Data - Help us
    • Al Dahlquist from Little Canada, MN is also working on the Baribeau line and has a webpage listing unconnected Baribeau couples. View his list and see if you can help
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    • If you are interested in the genealogy of the BARIBEAU surname and variations (BARIBAUT, BARIBEAULT, BARIBO, ... ), please join the BARIBEAU Mailing List so that we can share our information.
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