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The Descendants of 
Paul Bertrand dit St-Arnaud
Internet Cousins 

The Collaboration Tree

Get Free Acrobat Reader.There are 3 Internet cousins that initially collaborated to the St-Arnaud genealogy database. In the meantime, many other cousins have contributed and are being added to our list. I have created a descendants tree for you to see how the internet cousins are related.

If you are a descendant of Paul Bertrand dit St-Arnaud and you have contributed significantly to the database, send me a simple ascendance list (2 people per generation) and I will add you to the list. A mini gedcom is even better.

Who they are

# Name Location Email Address S/W LG
1 Jacques L'Heureux Columbia, MD Email Address FO/FTM E/F
Dec 96
2 Richard St.Arnauld Manchester, CT Died April 10, 2001 FTM E/F
Aug 98
3 Daniel St-Arnaud Montreal, QC Contact me E/F
Aug 98
4 Claude St-Arnaud Laval, QC Contact me FTM/BK5/PAF E/F
Dec 99
5 Jon Normandin Burlington, VT Contact me FTW E
Jan 01
6 Tammey Sanders-Mah Chase, BC Contact me XL E
Aug 01
7 Laurelle St.Arnaud-Olstead Contact me E
Jul 02
8 Yolande St-Arneault Ste-Thérèse, QC Contact me BK F/e
Aug 02
9 André St-Arnaud Montréal, QC Contact me F
Aug 02
10 François St-Arnaud Ste-Foy, QC Contact me E/F
Jan 03
. . . . . .
F=French  E=English (First one listed is preferred, lower case means with difficulty
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