Sleep Apnea Amongst the Descendants
of Simon Lereau dit L'Heureux

Several on the L'Heureux descendants have mentioned that they or a member of their family have Sleep Apnea. To follow up on this, we are compiling data on those people. The table below summarizes these data. Of interest is the fact that for the four people listed below for which we have an ascendance, the common ancestor is Pierre Lereau (son of Pierre, son of Simon) married to Marie Dumont in 1712. 
Name Email address Descendant who has the problem
Jeanne Caron-L'Heureux Husband Ray L'Heureux has sleep apnea. He also has coronary heart disease and has had 5 angioplastys and a valve replacement as well as a by-pass
Ida L'Heureux-Wilks (#42) Had sleep apnea. Problem was fixed by surgery. She had OSA.
Guy L'Heureux (#5) Has sleep apnea.
Donna Tremblay Husband (#46) is a L'Heureux descendant. Daughter has sleep apnea.
Pat McCabe (#36) Pat and her brother Michael have sleep apnea.
. . .
CSA = Central Sleep Apnea     OSA = Obstructive Sleep Apnea
If you know of a descendant of a L'Heureux that suffers from Sleep Apnea, please send me your information and I will add it to the above list. Note that there are two Sleep Apnea conditions, Central Sleep Apnea and Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Some sufferers have both (called Mixed Sleep Apnea). If you know which one you (or your relative has), tell us that too. To find out how to tell them apart, check out the Central Sleep Apnea Informational Page. 

I have since found out that 18 million americans suffer from Sleep Apnea. So the fact that our group has five may be just a reflection of that fact (7% of the population have it). So, let us not panic just yet. But on the Sleep Apnea Clearing House site, I did find the comment: "Sleep apnea appears to run in some families, suggesting a possible genetic basis." 

Sleep apnea can be life threatening if untreated. The disorder contributes to heart disease, problems with blood pressure, decreased mental faculties, sexual problems, and psychological problems including but not  limited to depression, as well as falling asleep while at work, on the phone, or driving. 

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