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Our Ancestor 
Jean Lariou dit Lafontaine

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Who is Jean Lariou dit Lafontaine?

Jean Lariou dit Lafontaine, the ancestor of many of the Lafontaine in America immigrated to Québec around 1660. Jean was the son of Jean Lariou and Jeanne Brusquet from St-Pierre, Marmande, France. On 16 Apr 1674, he married Catherine Mongeau in Notre-Dame -de-Québec, Quebec City. Catherine was the daughter of Pierre-Jacques Mongeau and Louise Dubois from La Rochelle, France. 

Later on, he obtains a piece of land in Ste-Geneviève-de-Batiscan (see #27 on map).

Jean Lariou dit Lafontaine is my eight great-grandfather. My great-grandmother was Adéline Lafontaine from St-Stanislas, QC. See my connection with Jean Lariou.

If you are aware of any books or articles written on my ancestor, please contact me. 

His descendants? What if you are one?

Jean's descendants by now must number in the 500,000 (312 by my estimate). Of these, about 4,000 (212) are descendants with the last name of Lafontaine (and variations). If you share this surname, I urge you to join the LAFONTAINE Mailing List

If you are already working on the Lafontaine surname, I would appreciate your help in adding your data to our database and in developping this Home Page further. If you are aware of any articles written about our ancestor, please contact me so that we can share it with all our cousins. 

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Database of Descendants

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    • We now have a LAFONTAINE database maintained by my cousin Roger (Bucky) Fontaine from Pawtucket, RI. It contains over 135,000 names and over 1,800 of them are descendants of Jean Lariou dit Lafontaine. My connection with Jean is via my paternal great-great grandmother, Adéline Lafontaine, m. Norbert Dumont in 1882 in St-Stanislas, QC.
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