Marriage Certificate
St-Francois-Xavier-de-Batiscan - June 3, 1697, Batiscan

Paul Bertrand et Gabrielle Baribault

After publication of three bans of marriage between Paul Bertrand, son of Jean Bertrand and Marie Née, his father and mother, from the parish of Madeleine Evesche d'Evreun on one part, and Gabriel (Gabrielle) Baribault widow of deceased Guillaume LeBellet from this parish on the other part, and having not found any hindrance, I undersigned priest Curé of Batiscan have received their mutual verbal contentment, and I give them the nuptial benediction, like the form, her mother the Holy Church in presence of Sieur Antoine Brusselet, Jean Gremart, Jacques Tiphant (Tifault), Jean Baribault, Jean Lariou, Louis Baribault, Jean-Babtiste Papleun, some signed, others stating not knowing how to sign this ordinance..
                                                                       N. Foucoult pretre"

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