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Who is Jean Poirier?


1.  Jean Poirier was born about 1621 in La Chaussée, Loudun, Poitou, France.  He died in 1654. He was married to Jeanne Chabrat (daughter of Antoine Chabrat and Françoise Chaumeret) in 1648 in Port-Royal, Acadie.  Jeanne Chabrat was born on 5 Feb 1627 in La Chaussée, Loudun, Poitou, France.  Jean Poirier and Jeanne Chabrol had the following children:

 +2 i. Marie-Françoise Poirier.
 +3 ii. Michel Poirier.

2.  Marie-Françoise Poirier was born in 1649. She was married to Roger Casey in 1668 in Port-Royal, Acadie.  Roger Casey was born in 1646 in Irlande.  Marie-Françoise Poirier and Roger Casey had the following children:

 +4 i. Marie Quessie.
 +5 ii. Jean Roger Quessie.
 6 iii. Pierre Quessie was born in 1678.
 +7 iv. Guillaume Quessie.
 +8 v. Michel Quessie.
 9 vi. Madeleine Quessie was born in 1687.
 +10 vii. Marie-Anne Quessie.
 +11 viii. Marie Quessie.
3.  Michel Poirier was born in 1651 in Port-Royal, Acadie.

He was married to Marie Boudrot (daughter of Michel Boudrot and Michelle Aucoin) in 1672 in Port-Royal, Acadie.  Marie Boudrot was born in 1653.  Michel Poirier and Marie Boudrot had the following children:

 +12 i. Michel Poirier.
 13 ii. Claude Poirier was born in 1675.
 14 iii. Anne Poirier was born in 1678.
 +15 iv. Marie-Anne Poirier.
 +16 v. Pierre Poirier.
 +17 vi. Louis Poirier.
 +18 vii. Joseph Poirier.
 +19 viii. Jean-Baptiste Poirier.

His descendants? What if you are one?

Jean's descendants by now must number in the 500,000 (312 by my estimate). Of these, about 4,000 (212) are descendants with the last name of Poirier (and variations). 

If you are aware of any master web site, articles or books written about our ancestor, please let me know so that we can share it with all our cousins. 

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Database of Descendants

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    • The LHEUREUX database maintained by my cousin Robert L'heureux contains numerous entries (over 20,000) for the descendants of Jean Poirier since he is my ninth great-grandfather via Marie-Françoise Poirier.
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