Léon Pamphile LeMay - Poet

  • Well known poet in Québec where he wrote poems and prose.
  • The oldest of Leon LeMay, a farmer and shop keeper from Lotbinière, Quebec
  • Born on 5 Jan 1837, he was sent to primary school in Trois Rivières and them moved to the Séminaire de Québec. 
  • After living for a while in New England, he came back to Sherbrooke. Not liking his work, he went to Québec for a law degree. 
  • He then became librarian at the Legislative library from 1867 to 1892. 
  • He had 12 children and died in 1918.
  • See also http://www.famille-lemay.com/Pamphile2.htm

Last modified: November 30, 2003