From Louis Honoré Fréchette to 
Simon Lereau dit L'Heureux


  • Louis Honoré Fréchette was born on 16 Nov 1839 in Hadlow Cove, Quebec.  He died on 31 May 1908. He was married to Emma Beaudry on 10 Jul 1876 in Montreal, Quebec.


  • Louis-Marthe Fréchette was born on 11 Nov 1811 in St-Nicolas, Quebec.  He was married to Marguerite Martineau on 13 Aug 1832 in St-Nicolas, Quebec. Marguerite Martineau died on 7 Jul 1852 in Levis, Quebec. 


  • Antoine Alexis Fréchette was born in 1781.  He died in 1851.  He was married to Euphrosine Gosselin on 21 Nov 1803 in St-Nicolas, Quebec. 


  • Antoine Fréchette was born in 1756.  He died on 27 Aug 1817.  He was married to Marie-Josephte Fortier on 25 Jan 1779 in St-Nicolas, Quebec.


  • Etienne Fréchette was born on 3 Oct 1714 in St-Nicholas, Levis, Quebec.  He died on 8 Jun 1785.  He was married to Marie Anne Dupéré in 1743. 


  • Francois Fréchette was born on 10 Jun 1682 in Ste-Famille, Ile d'Orleans, Quebec.  He died WFT Est 1738-1774.  He was married to Marguerite Bergeron on 16 May 1707 in St-Nicholas, Levis, Quebec. Marguerite Bergeron was born on 18 Jan 1686/87 in Lévis, Quebec.  She died on 18 Jun 1734 in St-Nicholas, Levis, Quebec. 


  • Francois Fréchette was born in 1655 in La Rochelle, France.  He was born between 1655 and 1680 in La Rochelle, France.  He died between 1719 and 1749.  He died WFT Est 1719-1749.  He was married to Anne Lereau on 28 Jan 1680 in Ste-Famille, Ile d'Orleans, Quebec. Anne Lereau was born on 7 Jun 1665 in Chateau-Richer, Montmorency, Quebec.  She died on 22 Jul 1715 in St-Nicholas, Levis, Quebec.


  • Simon Lereau was born about 1626 in St-Cosme-de-Vair, Maine(Sarthe), France.  He was confirmed on 2 Feb 1660 in Chateau-Richer, Montmorency, Quebec.  He died on 12 Nov 1670 in Hotel Dieu, Quebec City, Quebec.  He was also known as Simon L'Herault dit L'Heureux.  He was married to Suzanne Jaroussel on 27 Nov 1655 in Notre-Dame de Quebec, Quebec. Suzanne Jaroussel was born in 1641 in Perigny, Aunis, France. She died on 1 Nov 1694 in Quebec City, Quebec.


  • Rene Lereau was born about 1600 in Maine or Perche, France.  He died between 1629 and 1689 in Maine or Perche, France.  He was also known as Rene L'Herault.  He was married to Marguerite Guillemin-Guillin about 1620 in Maine or Perche, France.  Marguerite Guillemin-Guillin was born between 1584 and 1607 in Maine or Perche, France.  She died between 1629 and 1695 in Maine or Perche, France. 
Famous Descendants of Simon Lereau 
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